We Are Here

Southern Group is designed to meet the contemporary requirements of today's traveller hassle tastes. From tech-enabled spaces to inspired design, meeting all the Requirements.

Each property celebrates the unique essence of its destination to give you a personalized experience with a thoughtfulness you'll find only good memories of stay.

Our vision is to be the brand that guests love coming back to us with sweet memories. We deliver this with a portfolio of service spectrums that resonate with required standards in accommodation, cuisine, employee behaviour, and facilities. Southern Group is recognized for its spirit to serve and commitment to distinctiveness, which assures better guest satisfaction and value for money. As one of the leading hotels in Vijayawada, we at Hotel Southern Grand - Vijayawada, reflect the values and vision our brand portrays.

Welcome to an unparalleled leisure and tranquillity at our world-class properties in Vijayawada and New Delhi.