4 Interesting Facts About Vijayawada

Vijayawada, the city is as historical as its name. "The place of victory" is rightfully named as it follows its legendary legacy till today. From being "the Educational Sahara" to being recognized as a "Global City of the Future' it surely is the city of historic, cultural as well as economic significance. In this article let us witness some of the aspects of the capital of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada. 

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Pride of Indian railways - The Vijayawada wagon workshop. 

The foundation stone of our second largest modern and premier workshop on Indian railways was laid by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India on 7th April 1974 to facilitate the renovation of wagons for traffic use. This workshop lies on the bank of river Krishna located approximately 12 km from Vijayawada. The credit for this massively successful workshop over the years goes to the Human Resource department of Indian Railways for periodically training the staffs. The workshop is not only an inspiration but also a pride of Indian Railways. 

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Iconic mines of India 

The renounced Kollur mine located on the south bank of river Krishna is a huge producer of large diamonds that are said to be part of the crown jewels. India from its historical past has been the land of riches. Ruled by multiple dynasties and rulers its the hub of gems and riches. Rumoured to be the bearer of Kohinoor diamond, Kollur mines is one of the notable mines in India. There are instances where people have found a diamond from near that area giving them an opportunity of their lifetime. 

Don't get lured into the rumours. But do give a visit. 


This Dead Volcano feeds on Jaggery. 

The Vijayawada folklore about the jaggery drinking dormant volcano is a fascinating tale to tell. Located in Manalgiri, this elephant shaped hill named, Panakala Narasimha Swami has a tradition of pouring jaggery juice to keep the volcano from erupting. This mysterious and superstitious ritual is followed since the last 10,000 yrs.
But is it truly extinct or dormant that's another mystery yet to be solved?  

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Let's do grocery shopping.

Words largest agricultural market yard is held in the Guntur district near Vijayawada. The Nunna mango market segment is Asia's largest mango market that accounts for approximately 2000 metric tones of mangoes being dispatched all over the country every day. The market is well renounced for its cotton and tobacco exports and also for being the largest chili market yard in Asia.
So, the next time you crave for spicy or have a sweet tooth you know where you can find the best ones.

Chinese monk and scholar Hiuen Tsang had inked his memories of Vijayawada visit in his travel records vividly describing his fascination for this place. Vijayawada's history is etched even in the stone age inscription describing its historical significance. It is a great place to visit if you are seeking an amalgam narrative of our glorious past with today's vertically growing commercial hub. When visiting this mesmerising city, stay at our hotel in Vijayawada - Hotel Southern Grand, Vijayawada and have a great stay!