Top 5 Places to Visit in Vijayawada


 Bhavani Island

Bhavani Island is located amidst the Krishna river and is spread across an area of 133 acres. The island houses the Kanaka Durga Devi Temple and is therefore referred to as the Bhavani Island. This is among the must-see places in Vijayawada and is located about 5 kilometres from our hotel. 



Undavalli Caves

Undavalli Caves are one of the finest examples of Indian rock-cut architecture. These caves are said to be carved out of sandstone in the 4th or 5th century BCE. A visit to these caves should definitely be on your itinerary when you visit Vijayawada. This place is located about 7 kilometres from our hotel. 

 Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort is located towards the west of Kondapalli and built by the Musunuri Nayaks. This fort changed hands between the Bahamani Sultanate, Vijayanagara Empire and the British East India Company since it was established. The fort is marvellously constructed using granite and other materials. This place is located about 24 kilometres from our hotel. 

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Subramanya Swamy Temple

The Subramanya Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya. This temple is situated amidst large mountains, forests and rivers giving it an enchanting vibe. This temple is located about 2 kilometres from our hotel

Besant Road

Besant Road is a thriving spot in Vijayawada that houses eateries, commercial establishments, cinema halls and more. If you are looking to experience the way that this city functions then you should definitely visit Besant Road. This place is located about 1 kilometre from our hotel.